Selected Conference Presentations

Many of my conference presentations can be found either at my academia page here or my slideshare page here.



18th June. Keynote: Commissioning of Healh Visitors and School Nurses: Where Next?  School and Public Health Nurses Association Conference. Manchester.

17th June Stemming the Tide: the Central Importance of Public Health and Prevention. Psychology and the NHS Long Term Plan – Delivering more effective and psychologically informed care to individuals, groups and communities. London: British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology

14th June 2019 Why do intergenerational inequalities persist?  A Public Health Perspective.  Intergenerational persistence of poverty and poor health workshop. London.  University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Understanding Society

12th June 2019  The Future of Public Health University of Hertfordshire Public Health Masterclass.  University of Hertfordshire.

11th June 2019, British Psychological Society Prevention Policy Workshop, What do we know? Overview of Prevention Policy London.

5th June 2019, Mental Health in the Parish: A Psychological and Practical Theological View. Green Health Live 2. London: Lambeth Palace, The Church Times, Conservation Foundation and Guild of Health and St Raphael.

28th May 2019. LGBT Leadership: Does the Science say it’s special or different? Hertfordshire LGBT Partnership Workshop.

24th May 2019, Quality and Sector Led Improvement in Public Health: Key Opportunities. Public Health England and ADPH Improvement in Public Health Conference. Newmarket.

23rd May 2019, Mental Health: Making Change Happen in a Complex World. Health Foundation Annual Conference. London

22nd May 2019, The ethics of doing least harm. The Ethics and Practice of Disinvestment:  On Knowing What Not to Do in Health and Social Care”Biotechnology and Society Research Group, King’s College London.

8th April 2019 Fostering Positive Relations between Public Health and Sociology. British Sociological Association Symposium on Sociological Contributions to Public Health. King’s College London

5th April 2019.  Prevention Policy: What’s working and what isn’t. Invited Roundtable. Institute of Public Policy Research, London

9th March 2019 : Theological, Public Health and Psychological Perpsectives on Safegarding Policy in the Church. Keynote. Invited Symposium on Safeguarding.

22nd February 2019: Behavioural Sciences and Public Health: Orientations. West Midlands Behavioural Sciences and Public Health Conference. Birmingham

20th February 2019, Catholic Identity and Equality Policy and Legislation: Issues for Catholic Charities. London: Catholic Hospices Study Day.

17th January 2019. Public Health and the Spending Review. The Richmond Group, London

12th January 2019.  Working in Mental Health: Safe Care Orientations from Theology and Psychology. London: Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales Mental Health Day.



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