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Hi. I am a Director of Public Health in Hertfordshire though this blog is personal and does not claim that any content necessarily reflects the views or policy of NHS Hertfordshire or Hertfordshire County Council or anyone else.

I hope by doing this blog I can put tools and resources for public health relevant to local authorities and community agencies.¬† Everything I put on here I have used or read, and everything on this provides tools, perspectives and readings which I’ve found useful and helpful.

And perhaps those of you kind enough to read and comment might dialogue with me so I learn from the riches you have to offer.

I’m either intellectually greedy or insatiably curious, or maybe I just can’t agree to sit in one discipline’s box, but as a result of whichever combination of those, and sheer grim determination, I have qualifications in Science, Theology, Public Health and Psychology. I am a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist.

Hence, from such intellectual curiosity or indecision, the range of subjects on this blog. My own experience is that this ability to cross-disciplines has enabled me to do some really exciting, and I hope useful, things in my life so far.

Wherever possible I provide links to powerpoints or tools. My assumption is you are more than welcome to use these in any way you find useful. It would be great if you acknowledge the sources.

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