Directors of Public Health and Local Government. Some Thoughts 1

Local Authorities are moving from being a scrutineer of health to a strategic role which is a huge shift and a huge learning curve for them. The DPH will need to rise to this challenge to be the kind of officer which will help local authorities achieve this shift. There are a significant number of legal and constitutional issues within this. An independent, scrutineer DPH will not achieve this. A strong officer with a clear sense of officer-member boundaries, strong relationships with officers and members and clear policy agreement from members will.

I recently produced a paper on this along with a several sets of powerpoint slides. The paper talks through a number of the organisational, constitutional, personal and other issues facing the Director of Public Health and the Authority.

You can find the paper here

You can find the slides here If you are not a member you may need to join. It’s free and easy.

I hope to add to this series of thoughts and papers over the next few weeks

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