Quietly doing good

I visited the St Chad’s Sanctuary today, which is a quiet corner of a building in Shadwell Street, Birmingham. You can read their blog here http://stchadssanctuary.wordpress.com/

This organisation is a collaboration between St Chad’s RC Cathedral and the Salvation Army. Run on a shoestring, this place provides day activities, English language classes and other services for refugees and asylum seekers, as well as nourishing food.

Channel 4’s “Secret Millionaire” visited and helped them recently http://stchadssanctuary.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/st-chads-sanctuary-on-the-secret-millionaire/

Anyway, this place also provides dignity packs for people (toiletries etc), clothing, food packs and it’s all done voluntarily.

They really need some things right now and if you can help, then this would be great:

1. Rice, cooking oil, tinned fish, tinned tomatoes (preferably not pasta because many of their users have rice not pasta as a staple food)

2. Mens shoes

3. Toiletries

4. Help with people who can give or train others to give advice

If you think you can help, with this or any other basics, check out their blog and get in touch. The work they do is quiet, welcoming and amazing.




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